Megapolis Coin Making Guide

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Money makes the world go around. And you will need as many coins as possible to advance your Megapolis City on Facebook. This guide will go over everything that you will need to know about making the coins.

Production Building and Contracts

The best way to make lots of coins in Megapolis is through the use of Megapolis Production buildings. Not all buildings and contracts are made equal. In general as a rule of thumb, you want to aim for the shortest time frame contracts that are unlocked later.

Megapolis Buildings

By consistently able to start and collect from your contracts. You will make more coins in the game. The production buildings and contracts are the best Megapolis coin making method in the game. In addition, make as many buildings as your population allows. We personally like to keep a couple of the Household Goods Facility and start many of the short blinds contract.

Notes About Contracts Speed

You do not want to use speed up to finish your contracts faster. Doing so is not cost effective way to spend your Megapolis cash.

Megapolis Quests and Level Up Coin Rewards

A huge chunk of your coins are earned when you level up in the game. It is especially true at mid game when you hit level 20′s. Dedicate your resources and buildings to complete the quests. You will find that the extra coin boost rewards will help you greatly.


Infrastructure and Tax Collection

Early on in the game you will realize that some businesses can be collected for taxes. We have included a sortable table to help you understand the relationship between businesses and taxable coins that you can collect. In general, it will take many times of collection for you to make the money back. And the tax collection time frame are sometimes too long. It will usually take almost months of taxing for you to earn back the cost. However, one way to look at it is that these infrastructure buildings also boost your population cap. Population cap in Megapolis allows you to construct additional production buildings.

The best building for coins is Office Building. It takes the least amount of coins to make back your investment, while still offering a good amount of collection coins. To make the most coins in the game for the long run, we would recommend building a good amount of office buildings toward beginning / mid game.

Tax Building Slider Adjustment

As a rule of thumb, you should always slide the bar toward +15% tax. The extra coin earned through more tax is well worth the Megapolis population penalty. If you build your city with a few residential houses, you will find that you will consistently hit the cap with no extra room to grow.

Setting Up Auto Tax via the City Hall

The automatic taxes and census will “collect” your population citizens and taxes whenever they are available. However, they will still collect from your low end buildings. This method of generating coins can be helpful if you are going on a long vacation. Remember to store away your low and fast collections. The City Hall in Megapolis is count by “action”, you will be wasting your cash if you have weak buildings in your City.

Selling of Megapolis Friend Gifts

You should know that you can send your friends some free gifts everyday. These gifts can be sold for coins if you do not need them. Although the coins are not worth much. You are typically better off saving the different items for your future special buildings like the water dam.



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