Mighty Pirate Guide: Mighty Pirates FAQ

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Mighty Pirates

Mighty Pirate's goal is to become the Mightiest Pirate on the seas by finding the Secret Treasure Kingdom and collecting all the treasures from each new sea you visit. This is the basic FAQ from official forum. Check it carefully, you will know more about this pirate game.

Mighty Pirate Guide: Mighty Pirates FAQ

By Shane Little on official forum

The basics

How do I gain XP and Coins?

  • Search objects on islands
  • Battle other ships

How do I upgrade my cannons and ship?

Click on the "Ship" icon (Ship Customization). Here, you buy new cannons to replace old ones or fill new cannon holes with.

How do I get more Battle and Island energy?

  • 1 point replenishes every 20 minutes
  • Or you can purchase them from the Store

Treasure map pieces

You can obtain treasure map pieces by two methods:

1. Searching Islands:

  • Visit and search each island by clicking the objects on that island
  • Searching costs island energy.
  • You will have a chance to find treasure map pieces that you need for your current collection piece

Note: You cannot have more than of each treasure map piece at any given time. If you find a duplicate piece, you will earn coins instead.

2. Battling Ships:

  • Fight another pirate by clicking on a ship.
  • A treasure map piece will be shown when you mouse over the pirate ship.
  • Yes, it's a real player that you'll be fighting.
  • If you are victorious, you will take their treasure map piece (if not, you won't lose anything).
  • Note: You can also lose your treasure map pieces (even if you're away). Make sure to complete a collection as quick as you can so your treasure map pieces can't be taken.

How to Battle

  • Battle by taking turns. You attack, your opponent attacks.
  • Order your pirates to do actions by clicking on the bottom tool bar or objects on the ship
  • Once all pirates have been told to do something, your attack will begin
  • Your opponent will receive damage if you've hit them with your cannon


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