Mighty Pirate Review

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Mighty Pirates

Compare with CrowdStar's last game It Girl, Mighty Pirate looks significantly different. Despite the bugs in the game, "Mighty Pirates is an interesting and fairly original game with a lot of potential for growth". Check details below.

Mighty Pirate Review

By Chris Morrison on indidesocialgames

Mighty Pirates looks significantly different from It Girl at first glance. New players start out with a small ship in the Caribbean. There's no animated movement around the sea, but there are two potential destinations that you can click over to: islands and other ships.

The island game is similar to Zynga's Treasure Isle. Plants, rocks, barrels, skeletons and other objects can be clicked on to search them; each action requires one to several Island Energy points. These objects can turn up either resources and items - wood, rock, coins, fruit - or sections of treasure map. Each search also gives a few experience points.

Attacking other ships takes Battle Energy, and offers experience, gold and more sections of treasure map. Once seven sections of the map have been accumulated, a new treasure is unlocked, and you can begin collecting map sections for the next. For the moment, this treasure doesn't appear to have any functional use.

Battles feel like the more important part of Mighty Pirates. Your beginning ship is, for lack of a better word, dinky; there's only a single crew member (you) and one cannon. Each ship in the battle takes turns sequentially, with three potential options for your character: firing a cannon, putting out fires (repairing) or increasing accuracy. At first, the only sensible strategy is attacking every turn.


Taken as a whole, Mighty Pirates is an interesting and fairly original game with a lot of potential for growth. For now, it's unpolished, with a number of bugs and difficulties, and room for many more features than it currently has, but even in its current state we expect that it will attract players.

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