Millionaire City Guide: Six Easy Ways to Get Ahead

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Millionaire City

There's no real cheats in Millionaire City, but no cheats does not mean not exploits. This guide which includes tips and strategies can help you to get ahead of the competition.

Millionaire City Guide: Six Easy Ways to Get Ahead

By Alexander Armero on

Plan Your Layout

Millionaire City is all about carefully positioning your buildings to reap maximum rewards. But be careful, once you place something, you can't move it without paying a fee. So not only should you think before you place your items, you should definitely read this guide, and think through your layout before acting.

The most important detail of all is to make sure your Houses are all built around your Commerces. Commerces make their money based on their potential customers. For example, the Coffee Shop makes $45 per person. If there are two houses with a total of seven tenants surrounding the Coffee Shop, it will make you $315 every three minutes. What this also means is that Commerces are useless if there are no houses or tenants nearby, and will actually earn you no money at all. However, low level Commerces like the Pizzeria and Coffee Shop can be strategically centered in a group of 8 houses, yielding big profits.

Shorter is Better

When selecting contracts for your Houses, you're probably inclined to go for the longer Contracts with bigger payoffs. However, you should be doing the opposite. The truth is that if you have time time to continually renew contracts as soon as they expire, it's far more lucrative to sign the shortest contract. For example, take the Family and Student Contracts in the Luxury Bungalow. If you take the 30 minute Student Contract you'll make a profit of $914. But if in half an hour you renew the three minute family contract 10 times, you'll make a profit of $3,120. Be careful not to miss payment day though, shorter contracts expire faster and you definitely don't want to lose that money! Put in the effort to renew those shorter contracts, and you'll reap the rewards.

Stay Active

In addition to the financial benefits you'll receive from Houses for selecting short Contracts, you'll also get Commerce bonuses. Commerces will earn you money every three minutes, but if you aren't in the game to collect it, you miss out on the opportunity. I recommend keeping Millionaire City open in the background behind whatever else you're doing on the computer, and every three minutes hop back in to renew your House Contracts and collect your Commerce earnings.

Abuse Your Neighbors

Don't forget every day you can hop into your neighbors' Millionaire Cities to earn easy experience and a couple hundred bucks. It's also a good idea to troll your Facebook home page and your Millionaire City friends' walls to get extra money, experience, and other bonuses that they may be posting.

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