Miscrits of Volcano Island Guide: Train Your Team Faster

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Miscrits of Volcano Island

This is a guide for those who stilll haven't gotten an idea of how to level up your miscrits faster when you play Miscrits of Valocano Island. Now lets start.

1.Only equip 1 Miscrit in your team. This will concentrate all the XP and will be given to that miscrit.

2.If you are going to lvl up a level 1 Miscrit then use the following tactic:

  • Equip a Miscrit that you want to traing and a level 1 with him also. Go into the wild and fight whatever you can.From every battle won you will be given 1 XP to the lvl 1 Miscrit. Win a lot of battles. Lvl him up, untill the level 1 Miscrit became lvl 5.

3.Now, it's time to show you where you can level up your Miscrits the fastest depending on the element.

Here is a pic show with different colours

  • Red - Means that here is the place that you can level up your fire miscrits!
  • Green - Means that here is the place that you can level up your nature miscrits!
  • Yellow - Means that here is the place that you can level up all your miscrits!
  • Purple - In this area you can lvl up your Fire and Water Miscrits!

Note: For the first area it's the best to lvl up your Miscrits to lvl 10. It's a good thing batteling weak Viperds and Slitheros. Just remember your Miscrits HP. Don't let them kill your Miscrit. Then you will have to use up some Virtue.

4.Now the second area of the Jungle is a bit harder. In this area you will need Miscrits that are lvl 10+. And for the third area its the best that you try to lvl up Miscrits from lvl 25 +.

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