Miscrits of Volcano Island Guide: the Rare Miscrit Kelpa

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Miscrits of Volcano Island

In the game Miscrits of Volcano Island, there are some rare miscrits. Now I will introduce one of them - Kelpa.

Miscrits of Volcano Island Kelpa


Miscrits of Volcano Island Kelpa Kelpa Kelpa is made of seaweed and other items cast aside on the beach, and can only come to life at very specific times and one specific place: a magical sandcastle.
Miscrits of Volcano Island Flotsamo Flotsamo Flotsamo cannot see anything out of the helmet that it wears, but it senses its surroundings and can battle very well despite its lack of sight.
Miscrits of Volcano Island Jetsama Jetsama Jetsama's incredible slowness just gives it more time to plan out its attack as well as protect itself, which is part of why it manages to be so powerful even as it moves at a snail's pace.
Miscrits of Volcano Island Derelicro Derelicro Derelicro's remarkable stench can almost act as an attack in and of itself. It can sometimes cause an opponents eyes to water from its strength.


Kelpa Health Elemental Attack Elemental Defense Physical Attack Physical Defense Speed
Miscrits of Volcano Island Data Random Random Random Random Random Weak


Kelpa Skills Element Status Effect Attack Power Accuracy Description Enchantment Price
1 Confuse   Confuse -- 50% Confuse your opponent so that they may attack themselves for 2 turns. +5% Accuracy 3000 Gold or 5 FBC
1 Vines   -- 7 100% A simple Nature attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
4 Shove   -- 7 100% A simple Physical attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
7 Weaken   Debuff -- 100% Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. +1 to Debuff 100 Gold or 1 FBC
10 Sea Sand   -- 2 90% Average Nature Attack that hits up to 6 times. +5% Accuracy 2000 Gold or 3 FBC
13 Body Shield   Buff -- 100% Raises your Physical Defense by 10. +2 to Buff 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
16 Mush   -- 15 90% A powerful Physical attack. +3 Damage 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
19 Pollen   Debuff -- 100% Lower your foe's Accuracy by 10%. +20% Chance to Wreak Havoc 5000 Gold or 7 FBC
22 Lotus   -- 20 90% A very powerful Nature attack. +15% Chance of Toxic. 5000 Gold or 7 FBC
25 Intimidation   Debuff -- 100% Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 11. +3 to Debuff 7500 Gold or 9 FBC
28 Destruction   -- 25 90% A massively powerful Physical Attack. +10% Accuracy 10000 Gold or 10 FBC
30 Garbage Heap   -- 5 90% Up to six powerful attacks in one. +1 Damage 10000 Gold or 10 FBC

Training Kelpa With Expert Training

Where is Kelpa?

Kelpa is a new Nature Miscrit found on Sunfall Shores. All of its stats are Random other than Speed (which is Weak), giving it potential to be one of the most powerful Miscrits. But where can you find Kelpa? It has been seen in two locations so far. The first location is The Sand Castle, south of the entrance. The Sand Castle is visible on the in-game map. To reach it, just walk down across the first bridge and back up the other small one just to the southeast. You can cross over to the island by walking across some rocks in the water. The second location is the treasure chest found in the Jagged Treasure area. The treasure chest is reported to contain other rare Miscrits than Kelpa. To reach it, you have to approach from the southeast just before the long bridge to Dead Island. You'll see a narrow pathway open that leads you in to the treasure chest. X marks the spot.

Miscrits of Volcano Island Kelpa Success

How to Rate your Kelpa!

Method : (Total stats of 5 RANDOM stats - Started stats) / Number of levels you leveled up = Average stats increased per level.

Total Stats : The total of all 5 RANDOM stats that your Kelpa has (HP, EA, ED, PA and PD)

Started Stats : You will take 39 as started stats (Average for all Kelpas, not a big deal with any level 1 Kelpa)

Number of levels you leveled up : It is equal your number of current level minus 1.

A good or bad Kelpa will be rated Besides that, it is much like BB and ignios and based so much on luck. This scale is for the Average stats increased per level : Rate it !

7~8 = Very bad (1/10)
8~9 = Bad (2/10)
9~10= Below average (3~4/10)
10~11 = Average (5~6/10)
11~12 = Good (7~8/10)
12~13 = Very good (9/10)
13+ = Outstanding (10/10)

Example : If you have Kelpa that has 95 HP, 85 EA, 66 ED, 65 PA and 73 ED at level 30. Total statS is 384.

Calculate : (384 - 39) / (30 - 1) = 11.89, Dats mine (good one)

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