Miscrits of Volcano Island Guide: Pamboo

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Miscrits of Volcano Island

In the gameMiscrits of Volcano Island there is a cute Miscrit called Pamboo. Pamboo is in the Volcano Island Miscrit Shop this week! And as a special bonus, Flurrious will be sticking around until the new year!

Miscrits of Volcano Island Pamboo

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Miscrits of Volcano Island Shop

You can find Pamboo on Volcano Island. Pamboo is a slow, but powerful master of the Nature element, with several strong attributes... and a big stick!

Miscrits of Volcano Island Pamboo


Pamboo Pamboo rests much of the day in order to be able to wield its heavy staff when it needs to. It usually naps immediately after battling.
Ponya The small buds on either end of Pamboo's bamboo stick must be kept the same size so that the weight isn't thrown off at all.
Pan-Damme Pan-Damme moves so fluidly with its bamboo rods that many people incorrectly believe that the rods are actually a part of its body.
Pixiuma Pixiuma almost never attacks first. It prefers to be slow and deliberate with its initial moves, then unleashing a powerful onslaught once its foe's guard is down.


Pamboo Health Elemental Attack Elemental Defense Physical Attack Physical Defense Speed

Strong Weak Random Strong Strong Weak


Pamboo Skills Element Status Effect Attack Power Accuracy Description Enchantment Price
1 Leaves -- 7 100% A simple Nature attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
1 Shields Up Buff -- 100% Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. +1 to Buff 100 Gold or 1 FBC
4 Smack -- 7 100% A simple physical attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
7 Confuse Confuse -- 50% Confuse your opponent so that they may attack themselves for 2 turns. +5% Accuracy 3000 Gold or 5 FBC
10 Bamboo Bat -- 10 95% An average Physical attack. +2 Damage 1000 Gold or 3 FBC
13 Feebler Debuff -- 100% Lower your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 8. +2 to Debuff 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
16 Reap -- 15 90% A powerful Nature move. Replenishes 5 Health 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
19 Bash -- 15 90% A powerful Physical attack. +3 Damage 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
22 Mother Nature -- 20 90% A very powerful Nature attack with the help of Mother Nature. +4 Damage 5000 Gold or 7 FBC
25 Sprint Buff -- 100% Raises your Speed by 25. Replenishes 5 Health 8000 Gold or 8 FBC
28 Hyper Power Buff -- 90% Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 11. +2 to Buff 5000 Gold or 4 FBC
30 Panda Bash -- 25 90% A massively powerful Physical attack. +5 Damage 10000 Gold or 10 FBC

How to get Pamboo!

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