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The latest hero in Avengers Alliance is not actually a villain. Death Locket has plagued Agents throughout Spec Ops 33 but Playdom has turned around and quickly made the robotic girl recruitable by SHIELD.


But as it was revealed in the MAA forums , Death Locket will be a covert task hero which means Agents will have to complete a series of tasks to get the chance to recruit Death Locket. The usual cost for covert task heroes is 90 command points.

UPDATE: The official patch notes have been released with the covert tasks.

Starts: 4/8/2016 @ 02:00 PacificEnds: 4/23/2016 @ 01:40 Pacific

Task 1: Fetch Death Locket

Sent any hero on a flight deck mission

Task 2: Reverse Turing Test
Collect 20 VK Machines

VK Machines may be earned by completing Daily Missions. They can also be purchased in the store.

Task 3: Administer Turing Test

Administer the Reverse Turing test through the research lab

Task 4: Robo Rumble

Defeat the Doom Bots in the Simulator using Death Locket

Task 5: Cybernetic Combat

Defeat the Iso-saurs in the Simulator using Death Locket

Task 6: Masked Menace

Defeat Madame Masque in the Simulator using Death Locket

Death Locket can be seen in the Team Page already, but if you want to see the latest hero's passives and attacks check out the screenshots below.


DLpass Death Locket's passives Playdom

Death Locket is a blaster and comes with the following passives, Cybernetic makes Death Locket immune to a bunch of damage over time effects and give the hero a high crit resistance.

Recon AI is where Death Locket’s abilities really kick in as any attack used gets the Combat Data applied on the enemy. She also gains Combat Intel when she’s attacked and her Snipe attack gains Despair and Remove Debuffs.


DL1 Death Locket's first attack Playdom

Rapid Fire is Death Locket’s first attack and it applies two stacks of Radiation Exposure and applies Combat Data. This attack also deals more damage for each stack of Combat Data that is affecting the enemy.


DL2a Death Locket's second action Playdom

Death Locket’s second action is a multi-function attack. The first part is called Combat Subroutine and it’s a quick action that removes debuffs on Death Locket while restoring stamina. It also gives Death Locket Combat AI, which gives the hero a follow up attack and a counter attack but uses up a stack of Combat Data to use.


DL2b Death Locket's second action Playdom

Recon Subroutine is the second part of the multi-function and it restores stamina but it gives Death Locket Recon AI.


DL3 Death Locket's third action. Playdom

Flamethrower is Death Locket’s third attack and is an AOE action. It applies Burning but also Scorched if the enemy already has Burning. Superior Firepower is also applied which can randomly apply Melt Armor, Intimidated and Shell Shocked.


DL4a Death Locket's fourth action Playdom

Death Locket’s final action is also a multi function attack. The first part is Mega Blast which is an AOE attack that exploits radiation and has Fatal Blow.


DL4b Death Locket's fourth action Playdom

The second part is Snipe which applies Despair and removes buffs to one enemy.

So what do you think of the latest hero in Avengers Alliance? What team would you put her in? Let us know in the comments section below.



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