Monopoly Millionaires Guide: Electric Company /Turning the power On

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Your favorite board game is now your favorite Facebook game! Monopoly Millionaires keeps all the charm of the board game and elevates it with animated decor, brilliant colors and many fun and clever ways to interact with your Facebook friends. Developed by Playfish games for Facebook Monopoly Millionaires is sure to be a huge hit.

Monopoly Millionaires Guide: Electric Company /Turning the power On

By Playfish on Gamezebo

When you start the game you will notice the power is out. You must pay your electric bill in advance for a certain amount of time.

You will be given several options broken down in increments as small as every five minutes at no cost to as high as every 24 hours for 800 Monopoly Money. Note that you will earn a bonus that is multiplied by your base rent rate of each property. If you choose a smaller increment of time to keep the power on you will earn a higher bonus. If you are willing to stay in the game for awhile choosing every five minutes would give you a 200% bonus! If you choose the 24 hour option there is no bonus awarded to you. The more you stay in the game the more you own overall.

If the power goes out you will not earn any rent from your properties so it is critical you purchase electricity in an amount that will keep the money coming in for you as anytime the power goes out your properties will stop earning rent for you.

  • Bonus Breakdown: MM = Monopoly Money
  • 5 Minutes - Cost - 0 MM, Bonus x 200%
  • 2 Hours - Cost 10 MM, Bonus x 180%
  • 6 Hours - Cost 50 MM, Bonus x 150%
  • 12 Hours - Cost 250 MM, Bonus x 120%
  • 24 Hours - Cost - 800 MM, Bonus - None.




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