Monster Fusion Guide: How to Get Money, XP

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This is a guide for Monster Fusion player who have played and know basic knowledge, it will tell you how to get money and xp easier. let's check out below.

How to get money?

There is 4 method to get money in Monster Fusion, from highest to lowest
  • By battling Higher Level enemy. (Gives 160~220 gold depends on enemy level)
  • By doing battle Quest (the lowest one, gives 97 Gold for 3 QP)
  • By visiting friend (gives 30 gold)
  • By clicking friend's feed when doing gatcha (Gives 30 gold)

The first and second method are more better, because they need less effort, but higher money gain (and it usually enough).

Lets calculate, at level 50, you have 54 QP and 5 BP, with 3QP gives 97 gold and 1 BP gives 180 gold averaging, the amount of gold you gain is about 2,6K (approx). That was enough to do Silver gatcha 13 times.

How to get XP?

There's only 1 method to get XP in Monster Fusion, which is from battle (quest XP is so low that you won't care). battle system in monster fusion ranks monster based on their TOTAL LEVEL, which means itstitally abusable.

The system also divide player into separte groups, and will only match player if their total level difference is less than 10. EXP and GOLD prize depend on their level difference. Against higerh level enemy, you'll get higher gold, and vice versa.

With that basis in mind, youcan easily FARM EXP and GOLD by putting 1-2 strong monster and 1 feed monster (use level 1 monster from gatcha, afetr he leveled up, change to another level 1 monster).

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