Monster Fusion Guide: How to Increase Monsters Stats

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This is a guide for Monster Fusion player who have played and know basic knowledge, it will tell you how to increase monster stats. let's check out below.

How to increase monster stats?

There is 3 method to increase monster stats, which is :

  • By levelling up (gain status depend on personality)
  • By Fusion (gain status depend on fusion material personality and level)
  • By using Stats Essence

Levelling up at low level is fast, but become slower and slower at higher level. In the end, you'll rely on Fusion (and hoping luccky fusion, though Luck Essence sucks). No need to worry, there's one hole in Monster Fusion system which is easily abusable to get high stats as fast as possible.

What you need to know is that, Fusion stats bonus depend on monster personality. AND each 10 level, it is multiplied. A lvl 1-9 Tame monster will gives +2 Stamina, +1 Power, +1 Agi. But a Level 10-19 monster will give +4 Stamina, +2 Power, +2 Agility, etc.

Knowing this, and battle matching system, you can easily do this loop.

  1. Get 200 gold (easily).
  2. Doing Silver gatcha.
  3. If its in good tier, save it. And gatcha again. Otherwise go to point 4.
  4. Use it in your team (which consist of 2 mosnetr you'll focused training).
  5. Fight against enemy with total level with 7-9 level higher than you, but with low Battle Strength.
  6. Defeat him, you get around 200 gold and 2K exp.
  7. That lvl 1 monster will usually at level 10 now.
  8. Fuse that lvl 10 monster with your main monster.
  9. Go to point 1 again, and do this infinite loop until you have no BP.

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