NanoTown Guide: How to Play

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Design your town any way you like in NanoTown. Want a town full of donut shops and police stations? Go for it! Just follow the basic instructions for adding items to your Town below.

NanoTown Guide: How to Play

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Adding Building, Décor, Streets

Click on the Build icon to add buildings, décor items and streets to your town. Once you've made your selection, add the item to your town by clicking on the map. A green highlight means an item can be added in that location while a red highlight means you can't.

Streets and décor items can be added instantly to your town whereas buildings require construction time. You can skip the construction time by purchasing the "Instant Build" option in building pop-up menu.

Adding Cars

Place a car on any street in your map and it will start moving along the street. You may place cars elsewhere on the map but they will not animate if they are not on a street.

Moving and Rotating Items

You may move items in your town after selecting "Move" in the item pop-up. Simply drag and drop to the new desired location. Items may also be rotated by selecting the "Rotate" option in the item pop-up.

Removing Items from your town

You can add items to your inventory by selecting the "Store" option in the item pop-up menu. Items can be retrieved from your Inventory.

Producing Goods

Buildings may produce a variety of goods. You can begin production of a good through the building pop-up menu. You can also speed up production and have them instantly by selecting Produce now option.

Hiring Friends

You can hire friends to work in any of your buildings from the building pop-up menu. Doing so may decrease production time of goods made by that building. If you want to hire someone who is already assigned to another building, they will be removed from the previously assigned building and added to the new building.

Fulfilling Quests

Occasionally you may receive a quest from one of your buildings. A quest bubble above your building will indicate a quest is ready for review. Once you accept the quest, you will be able to track the status of your quest by clicking the quest bubble above the building. (If you decline a quest, you will not be able to access it again.)

Quests are often fulfilled by obtaining specific goods. These goods may be produced by one of your buildings in town or may be purchased in the marketplace. Once you have collected all the required items, a "Complete Quest" bubble will allow to finish the quest and obtain the reward.


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