Papa Pear Saga Guide: Level 1 to 285

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Here is the video guide for all Papa Pear Saga levels (Level 1 to 285). I hope you'll find it as useful. I will continue to update. And if you have any level guide you want me to add for, please comment below. Share it on your wall with your friends and neighbours if you like it.

Level 271 to 285

Level 256 to 270

Level 241 to 255

Level 226 to 240

Level 196 to 225

Level 181 to 195

Level 166 to 180

Level 151 to 165

Level 136 to 150

Level 121 to 135

Level 106 to 120

Level 91 to 105

Level 76 to 90

Level 61 to 75

Level 1 to 60



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