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Boosters are added into the game at Level 6, which allow for easier advancement through the levels. The Boosters are premium items which can only be redeemed and used by spending your own money within the game. There are five in total, and each can be purchased simply using Facebook Credits.

Pet Rescue Saga Booster Guide

Block Buster

The Block Buster in Pet Rescue Saga looks a lot like a regular hammer, and it functions as such. Basically, you can use it to target any single block. That block will then disappear, and the other blocks will slot into shape accordingly. You first receive Block Busters when they are initially unlocked. You can purchase more Block Busters using Facebook Credits if you have no Block Boosters already available by clicking on the Block Buster icon. You cannot buy them while a stage is in play using Coins. Instead, you have to buy these on the summary screen that appears when you select the level, but before you click on 'Play'.

Cost: 3,000 Coins or 9 Facebook Credits for 3 Block Busters

Note: The Block Buster Booster enters play at Level 6.

Color Pop Booster

This Booster looks like a Balloon. They are one of the Boosters which you will often be given while playing through a level. You are also able to purchase them, but unlock Block Busters, you have to buy them using Facebook Credits. The Color Pop Booster allows you to choose the color of blocks to pop. However, you should bear in mind that using the Color Pop Booster to reduce the number of blocks left on the level dramatically impacts the score which you will receive, when compared to clicking your way through manually.

Cost: 19 Facebook Credits for 3 Color Pop Boosters

Pet Rescue Saga Booster Guide

The Column Blaster Booster

This one looks exactly like a rocket or firework, and is likely to be the first Booster that you come across, and is frequently given as a free item to help you through levels. You receive it slowly, with the icon filling up based on how effectively you are removing blocks from the level. The larger the sections that you remove with each click, the faster you will get the Column Blaster. To use it, click on the icon, then select the column that you want to destroy. That's right, this will take out an entire column of blocks. You are able to try out the Column Blaster Booster from Level 17 at which point you are given 3 for free.

TIP: If you click the Column Blaster Booster but do not want to use it instantly, you can click back in the holder and it will remain there until you click on it again.

The Line Blaster Booster

This Booster looks like a Spring. Its purpose is to allow you to remove an entire row. While the Column Blaster focuses on columns (those going straight up), this concentrates on rows (those going across). Like the Column Blaster, this also appears in some levels automatically.

TIP: If you click the Line Blaster Booster but do not want to use it instantly, you can click back in the holder and it will remain there until you click on it again.

The Column and Line Blaster Boosters are great for clearing large numbers of difficult blocks.

The Mesh Mash Booster

The Mesh Mash Booster removes all the cages around blocks on a particular level - returning them to the normal block state. This makes it possible to remove them.

The Key Booster

Similar to the Mesh Mash Booster, this Booster takes the locks off the Blocks and allows them to be clicked and removed.

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