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PetsWill is an amazing pet's game that including farming, building, decorating and collecting fancy items! Farm to earn fruits, feed the pets and start to produce for earning coins, decorate the land with different themes! Drive a ship flying through a large area to collect materials; chop the trees to get wood, dig the rock to collect stones, etc. It’s just like an advantage in the sky forest!

Lovely character costume
Before you begin the first thing you should do is enter "Pet Wardrobe". You will find 4 type of appearance, difference expressions, cutie head shape, lovely clothes and head wears. Those appearance won't take you much coins, buy some to make yourself different.

From the unstoppable update to increase more face, head shape, wears and hair styles, allowing you to design a unique and gorgeous exclusive sense; " Pet Wardrobe"also provides a store element for the pursuit of more perfect design of you, direct purchase of rare style.

Innovative collection system
PetsWill using a new form of collection. after enter the "collection area", there is a vast space with a thread from the sky islands; riding on a small ship to shuttle back and forth between those islands, click on the "trees" and "rock" to collect.

Hints: In order to get material and gain experience from collect process, there is a probability to get much coins, it definitely helpful for funding some decorations.

Diversity social interaction
Visit friends and play some clicks in their city is a must, so, anything new other than that? You will find it in PetsWill.

(1) With the Volcano, you have to invite friends and clam it down to defend your PetsLand.

(2) With the diligent chicks, you have to save them by shared a post and ask friends to click on it;

(3) There is a kind of production named Mobile Stall, you may hire friends to lower the cost and increase the gain.
Hints: Get as such friends as you can to gain a huge income!

What news?
The develop team is going to update the game more Missions more Fun more Social!

A brand new mobile stall debut! With the new mobile stall, you may gain more coins and produce in different produce mode, let show your character to friends!

A new PetsLand is breaking out in the next update, village style with full of pet's lovely actions. You may also expand the land to put more production or decorations! Play with your friends, beauty and expand your PetsLand.

Don't forget LIKE the game to get the Like decoration, also ask your friend to like your PetsLand by clicking the like decoration!



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