Pockie Ninja II Social Guide: Best Ninjas With Skill Builds

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To make things clear, every ninja has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you can't actually get an all around "Best" ninja. But, if you are looking for a Nuker, Debuffer, Tank or a Crowd Control ninja for your team, then it is possible to recruit and build one. Refer below to learn what ninjas is best for your ideal team and how to build them up.

Recruiting Possible Best Ninjas

Pockie Ninja II Social Best Ninjas With Skill Builds Guide

Golden Ninjas

  • Golden ninjas are obviously the best ninjas around when it comes to stats growth (also
    known as aptitude level). Red ninjas comes next then purple and blues.

Force Value

  • Increase your ninja's Force value to make them one of your strongest ninjas.

Recruiting Specific Ninjas for Team Builds!

  • Even if 2 Red ninjas share the same class or profession, they might still differ in skills.
  • Now this will make things a little bit complicated. From here on, you might want to recruit
    and train specific ninjas for your ideal team build!

The Basic Ninjutsu Skill

  • If you didn't notice it before, some ninjas have their own set of skills even if they share
    the same class. This is really important if you want to get the best ninjas for your team build.
  • Recruiting 3 Taijutsu ninjas isn't enough anymore because you will need to consider
    their Lvl 20 skills and so on.

Sample Team Building Scenario

2 players have 3 Guillotine Drop (150% damage + stuns enemy for 1 turn) skill books. Both
decided to recruit 3 Taijutsu ninjas (placed at the front) mainly for stunning enemies!

  • Player A: Recruited 3 Killer B ninjas and used the 3 Guillotine Drop skill books.
  • Player B: Recruited 3 4th Hokage ninjas and used the 3 Guillotine Drop skill books.

Note: At early levels, both players can stun their enemies 3 times per battle, but when all 6
Taijutsu ninjas leveled up to Lvl 20 with complete skill set, things will be different.

Pockie Ninja II Social Best Ninjas With Skill Builds Guide

Player B will have the upper hand now (can stun enemies 9 times per battle!) because
4th Hokage ninjas can get the "Arhat Fist" (damage + stuns enemy for 1 turn) basic skill at Lvl 20 while Killer B ninjas will get the "Fortitude" (Max HP +276) skill!

So in this scenario, Player B recruited the best ninjas for his/her build and available skills.

Quick Sample Ninja Skill Builds

Here are some Ninja Skill Builds that you might want to consider. Use your imagination and
create your own unique team. Mix and match to find the best combinations for your playing style.

To view all ninjas and their specific skills, go here: Complete Ninja Character List

Taijutsu Ninjas

  • Stunner: [Arhat Fist] + [Arhat Fist] + [Guillotine Drop] or [Ultimate Erupt]
  • Tanker: [Fortitude] + [Fortitude] + [Deep Forest Creation] or [Any Stun Skill]
  • Buffer: [Eight Gates] + [Eight Gates] + [Any Skill]
  • Nuker: [Eight Gates] + [Eight Gates] + [Ultimate Rasen Shuriken]
  • Crowd Controller: [Arhat Fist] + [Arhat Fist] + [Bracken Dance]
  • and more. You can also mix other basic skills or skill books if you want (example below).
  • Fortitude Nuker: [Lv.9 Leaf Hurricane] + [Lv.9 Leaf Hurricane] + [Ultimate Rasen Shuriken]

Weapon Ninjas

  • Debuffer: [Flying Swallow] + [Flying Swallow] + [Secret-Insect Sphere]
  • Restrainer: [Shadow Collecting] + [Shadow Collecting] + [Sand Binding Prison]
  • Tanker: [Fortitude] + [Fortitude] + [Secret-Insect Sphere]
  • Nuker: [Flying Swallow] + [Flying Swallow] + [Atomic Dismantling Jutsu]
  • Crowd Controller: [Shadow Collecting] + [Shadow Collecting] + [C0 Suicide-bomb]
  • and more. You can also mix other basic skills or skill books if you want (example below).
  • SC Nuker: [Lv.9 Shadow Shuriken] + [Lv.9 Shadow Shuriken] + [Atomic Dismantling Jutsu]

Ninjutsu Ninjas

  • Tanker: [Fortitude] + [Fortitude] + [Chakra Shield] or [Any Skill]
  • Silencer: [Curse Sealing] + [Curse Sealing] + [Ultimate Five Seal Barrier]
  • Hypnotizer: [Sand Flow Burial] + [Sand Flow Burial] + [Water Prison Shark Dance]
  • Nuker: [Curse Sealing] + [Curse Sealing] + [Great Dragon Fire]
  • Crowd Controller:  [Sand Flow Burial] + [Sand Flow Burial] + [Water Wall]
  • and more. You can also mix other basic skills or skill books if you want (example below).
  • SFB Nuker: [Lv.9 Wind Blade] + [Lv.9 Wind Blade] + [Great Dragon Fire]

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