Pockie Ninja II Social Synthesis Guide

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Just like the original Pockie Ninja, you will have to use Item Synthesis to create items of higher grade. The items that you can synthesis include items, skills, and different ninjas.

Value of Ninjas

     - Consists of Force Points and Quality of the ninja.
     - The value of the ninja you choose will affect the synthesis result.

Ninja Quality

     - Gold Ninjas > Red Ninjas > Purple Ninjas > Blue Ninjas
     - Higher value will have better chance to produce higher grade ninja!

Ninja Synthesis

     - Choose 3 ninjas to be synthesized into a new one.
     - Note: Ninjas in production, harvest, auto-combat and battle array (formation) are not
shown in the list. You also need to remove all equipped items to see them in the list.

     - The quality of the new ninja will be calculated by the level and quality of ninjas you placed.
There is also a chance to obtain Gold ninja during synthesis.


     - Ninjas Placed:
     - 1st Ninja: Koyuki (Purple Ninja Quality)
     - 2nd Ninja: Uzumaki Naruto (Purple Ninja Quality)
     - 3rd Ninja: Shikaku Nara (Blue Ninja Quality)

Pockie Ninja II Social


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Genre: Social Games
Status: Closed Beta
Time Units: Realtime
Theme: Adventure
Graphic: 2D
Period: Fantasy
Fee: Unknown
Developer:NGames Co.,Ltd



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