Project Legacy Guide: Chance Items Locations

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Project Legacy

For materials that can only be gotten by Chance from certain Events in Project Legacy, usually if you click on that item there's a link to go to that specific event. But there are many items that you can also buy, and for those they don't give you that link, so I went through the game and compiled a list of all Chance Items you can get from all the events in all the chapters.

Project Legacy Guide: Chance Items Locations

By numaner on gamespot forum

The first list is all the items sorted by the events, the second list is sorted by how they appear in your Equipment's Inventory. I only list the events in a Memory that has chance items, and if none do then I put None for that Memory.

Chance items list by event:

Chapter 1 - Bartolomeo d'Alviano

- Memory 1 - Death Defiant
-- Rally Point -- Soldier
- Memory 2 - Turning the Tide
-- None
- Memory 3 - Vying for the Village
-- Demanding Supplies -- Iron, Pine, Grapes
-- Forging Ahead -- Rapier
-- Enlistment -- Villager, Farmer, Miner, Blacksmith

Chapter 2 - Francesco Vecellio

- Memory 1 - On the Hunt
-- Barfly -- Thug, Thief, Street Crier
-- Siren's Lure -- Courtesan
- Memory 2 - Bait and Trap
-- Where It Hurts -- Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Stones
-- No Escape -- Simple Gift, Fancy Gift, Valuable Gift, Expensive Gift, Silver, Gold
- Memory 3 - Bloodwork
-- Professionals -- Assassin

Chapter 3 - Mario Auditore

- Memory 1 - Resourceful
-- Lumbering -- Charcoal, Olive, Oak Gall, Pine, Holm Oak, Cork, Hide
-- The Public Gardens -- Seeds, Olives, Wheat, Lettuce, Carrot, Grapes
-- Digging In -- Iron, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Stones
- Memory 2 - People Skills
-- Working Girls -- Courtesan
-- Rebirth -- Artist
-- Arms Race -- Shield, Leather Armor, Chainmail Armor, Plate Armor
-- Men of War -- Monteriggioni Mercenary
-- Problem Solvers -- Assassin, Elite Assassin
- Memory 3 - Defensive Measures
-- None
- Memory 4 - Cleaning House
-- If You Can't Beat Us -- Thug, Thief
- Memory 5 - Storm Warning
-- None
- Memory 6 - Weathering the Storm
-- None

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