Puppy Nation Guide: Basic Game Play and Function

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1) Puppy Needs

The puppy requirements are need, wash, Touch, Freebee and etc. When you follow the steps then you will get coins and Experience XP.

2) XP capsule

When someone visits to my yard or when someone visits other users yard then they will get a XP capsule points. Also this XP capsule levels you up in the network. XP at any time by clicking the capsule can be converted to experience points to achieve 100 percent will be posted on the Facebook

3) Dress code

Dress code recommended for the puppy to keep the hats and costumes will be given updated daily. When User’s puppy get dressed up then We will rewarded with a separate posting on Facebook and can boast.

4) Visit Friends

You could visit to your friends anytime. It automatically gives you a on/off  sign that friend is on or off. Even offline, upload capsule intended for XP as may be necessary to visit.

5) Random visit

Random visits would give new fun and meets more people with better social activities.

6) Leave footprints

Playing with the increasing visits of individual users is done in real-time chat, footprints. You could leave footprints in your friends home to tell friends to visit My home.

7) Log off and on

Especially, when you log off from Facebook, your adorable puppy will get bored, so puppy visits to random user’s home. When you log on to Puppy Nation you will find your puppy in random persons home and you could have social activity
with random user and you could bring back your puppy to your own home.

8) My Place

In my own digital space I could advertise insert or video, flash, to enjoy playing with other people. Also, Page or on the Internet, video-clad structure function is supported further Facebook.




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