Ravenskye City Beginner's Guide for Better Playing

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By Brian Lamacraft From BRIGHT HUB

Ravenskye City lets you develop your own city. Clear out the debris around you and build the best city possible with Ravensky City on Facebook.

Game Basics

Ravenskye City comes from the developers of Ravenwood Fair a popular Facebook game. In this game your task is to rebuild a city. Along the way you'll take various quests from your friends and clean up vines and other debris so you can build a great city in the clouds. As you build structures you'll need special loot items. You can find these loot items by clearing out the debris from around the area. Decorate your city with various items and do farming for some extra cash.

Ravensyke City

Building Your New City

In the game you have several building options to choose from. Buildings will require parts to complete but you can get the bulk of these from clearing out the area around where you want to place the structure. Other parts are obtained from Facebook friends playing the game. Many of the quests in Ravenskye City will have you building different structures such as a workshop or dwelling. You'll start your adventures by building the base camp and then get started building up the new city.

Place roads and other structures to get a nice looking city. You'll find all the buildings under the build menu with more available as you start to level up in Ravenskye City. As you play you'll have to restore certain parts of the city. During game play you'll learn more about Ravensky City from notes that appear periodically which give the game a nice story feel to it and not just random building and clearing of debris. Adding buildings to your city adds to the story with each quest building upon the last one. Try to follow the quests as they appear instead of just random building. Read story items in the game store under the "story" tab after you collect them.

Ravensyke City

Clearing Debris

One of the main tasks you'll need to accomplish in Ravensky City is clearing out the various rocks, vines and other structures so you'll have room to build your new city. As you remove debris you'll gain coins, experience, and loot items such as wood. You'll also need energy to clear debris which recharges slowly as you play. To get more energy quickly visit Facebook friends or buy some more in Ravenskye City's store.

Energy is found under the "special" tab but costs game cash to buy. The easiest way to get energy is to just visit friends and have them send you energy gifts. Monsters called "blight" may appear as you clear debris so you'll need to stop and fight them back.

Ravensyke City


In Ravenskye City you'll pick up various items when you clear debris. Some of these items go into the collections found in Ravenskye City. Click the collections tab to view them which you'll find under the "storage" tab in the main interface. Once you finish a collection you can turn it in for your reward. The game doesn't have many collections at the present time but this should change as it develops. In Ravenskye City you can also collect "patches" which are rewards for completing certain tasks such as chopping down trees or achieving a city rank.

Ravensyke City


The game features some farming elements like other Facebook games. At the start you'll get a couple of patches of land where you can raise crops such as skyberries. Crops will give you coin rewards when you collect them. Crops don't work like other games you can only place a few in the beginning because the plots cost plenty of coins. Collect additional coins from clearing debris and from buildings. Some crops also give you special items such as stones that help you with the construction of various city structures.

Ravensyke City


When you clear debris you'll run into monsters that frighten your population. Build structures called totems which clear a radius around your important buildings and keep the monsters at bay. Totems require coins, wood, and stone. Find wood and stone by clearing debris around your new city. Build new totems when you have free cash and resources in key locations around your city. You'll start by building the "battle newt" totem.


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