Ravenskye City Guide: How to Add Friends

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Refer to this guide to learn how to add your friends as neighbors at Ravenskye City. Some friends are not automatically added as your neighbors in the game. To do this, you have to manually add them to see their portraits in your neighbors list below your game screen.

- Adding Neighbors -

  • Click the "My Neighbors" tab above your game screen. Refer to the screenshot above.
  • A new window will appear with the following information:
  • Friend's name and portrait
  • Friend's current level in Ravenskye City.
  • Options
  • To add your friends as neighbors, click on the "Add Neighbor" button.
  • A notification will appear that asks your confirmation. Click "Send Request".
  • Repeat if you want to add more friends.

- Benefits of Having Neighbors -

  • More neighbors means more fun! and less hassles!
  • You can go through the game with ease if you have a lot of active neighbors.
  • Visiting neighbors will net you extra energy per visit, plus you are able to collect more materials for your city! Good luck playing your favorite online browser game on Facebook!

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