Ravenskye City Guide: How to Get More Coins

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Coin is useful. But how to get more coins? Luckily, here below are some ways to get more coins when you play Ravenskye City, let's check out...

There are quite a few ways to make coins.

  • Chop the vines and stones. As with energy, chopping vines and stones rewards you with coins!
  • Visit friends. Each friend visit gives you 25 gold. Add friends for even more.

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

  • Cruise the feeds! Friends post lots of stuff in their feeds which reward you with coins.

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

  • Complete quests! Quests reward you with all kinds of goodies.

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

  • Loginning in daily and collecting your daily log in bonuses will often reward you with coins also!

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

  • You can collect from your buildings after they earn coins over time from adventurers using them

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

  • You will receive a reduced amount of coins back for selling buildings, decorations or protectors that you purchased from the SkyeShop. (33% for decorations and 50% for buildings)

Ravenskye City Get More Coins

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