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Restaurant City

 Restaurant City is now one of the hottest games in Facebook, where you manager your own restaurant. In Restaurant City, the Popularity decides the number of your customers. When the guys can not get the food, or wait for too long, they will make a bad comment to your restaurant and your Popularity will go down. So a good arrangement is necessary. Below is a guide from Wenbin Kyril in his blog, which shows his arrangement that keeps his popularity at 49.8~ 50.0. Check below:


Guide to 50 Popularity in Restaurant City with screenshot

By Wenbin Kyril in his blog

Restaurant City Screenshots
Click here for full image

To better illustrate on the details of the path on the outside (where the customers have to walk in order to reach the tables) - it is actually a zip zag path.

Its purpose is to let the customers walk a longer distance in order to reach the tables, so I could buy more time for my waiters to clean the table. Also, to allow more time for existing customers to finish their meal!

As you can see from the screenshot, my staffs arrangement consists of 4 Cooks, 3 waiters, and 1 cleaner.

Regarding the toilets - I believe that 4 or 5 is more than enough - as each toilet can be used 4 times before there is a need for cleaner to clean it up.

Regarding the other row of chairs being put at one side, they are actually waiting chairs which I have set up for my customers to sit while waiting for tables to be cleared for them to have their meal!




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