Simcity Social Quest Guide: Accidentally on Porpoise

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Now in Simcity Social you can complete the Accidentally on Porpoise quest for a dolphin pool, and this quick guide could help you about that.

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Get a dolphin pool from Simcity Social Accidentally on Porpoise quest! Find the Megaquarium in your inventory > buildings for these Missions.

Simcity Social Accidentally on Porpoise

Animals are second class citizens in this town! Did you know that pigs test higher for intelligence than most high school football coaches !

Walkthrough Guide:

Mission 1: pig in the city quest

  • build hog heaven
  • pay llama manure

Mission 2: the codfather quest

  • build the megaquarium
  • have a 3-star scenic pond
  • feed the fish at a 3-star scenic pond

To finish Megaquarium you need these collectibles:

  • 5 ticket stub
  • 3 ribbon prize
  • 3 kibbles

Mission 3: dive-in movie quest

  • upgrade the megaquarium to 1-star
  • perform friendly actions on attractions 5x
  • build a squid to pc adapter

Collect these materials :

  • 2 animal mascot
  • 5 ribbon prize
  • 5 kibbles
  • 2 cowbell
  • 2 dog house

Mission 4: jumbo upgrade quest

  • upgrade the megaquarium to 2-star
  • earn 8000 simoleons from the elephant car wash
  • collect from car dealerships

Find these parts:

  • 4 souvenir
  • 1 unity
  • 6 ribbon prize
  • 6 kibbles
  • 4 dog house

Mission 5: a porpoise with purpose quest

  • upgrade the megaquarium to 3-star
  • ask friends for dolphin holiday packages 3x

Get these items :

  • 3 architectural pizzazz
  • 2 bliss
  • 2 wrath
  • 6 animal mascot
  • 4 cowbell

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