Simcity Social Guide: Air Mystery Box

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It seems that the Air Mystery Box may be disappeared in Simcity Social, so you shold catch your time to buy what you want.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

Air Mystery Box is still available to purchase in SimCity Social but it is a rumour that they may not be around for very much longer so if you haven't taken a gamble at the chance of owning the four special rare animated buildings then now is your chance.

Simcity Social Air Mystery Box

The Air Show,  Blimp Hanger, Superhero Monument and Pegasus Grove will all activate a flying animation around your SimCity when placed. The Air show an aeroplane, Blimp Hanger a Blimp, Superhero Monument a Superhero and of course the Pegasus Grove a mystical Pegasus. The perks and boosts for all of these buildings are located below:

  • Air Show - +255 Population - +5 Range
  • Blimp Hanger - +293 Population - +5 Range
  • Superhero Monument - +248 Population - +5 Range
  • Pegasus Grove - +270 Population - +5 Range

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