Simcity Social Guide: Animal Friends Building

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This guide will help you know the details of these new coming Animal Friends Buildings in Simcity Social.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

Almost one full week has passed since the launch of the Animal Friends Theme in SimCity Social and you've been granted a rather large update with lots of buildings dropping into the SimCIty Social store and plenty to be getting on with over its two week course.

There is a nice mixture of both expensive buildings and cheap buildings this time around which cater for all levels of player and this items drop also see's the release of the most expensive Simoleon priced decoration so far, the Monkey Rock.

Simcity Social Animal Friends Building

The SimCity Social store provided seven new items that were available to purchase which include two Businesses, one Factory and four Decorations. You can find the details of them below:


Elephant Car Wash - 2100 Simoleons - Every 22 Hours

Bouncy Castle - 2500 Simoleons - Every 24 Hours


Animal Cookie Factory - 35 Materials - Every 6 Minutes


Hog Heaven - +20 Population - +3 Range

Panda Bamboo Park - +22 Population - +4 Range

Hippo Pond - +40 Population - +5 Range

Monkey Rock - +65 Population - +5 Range

Then there are these below four special buildings that can be obtained by completing the Accidentally On Porpoise Quest and The Fabulous Baker Boy Quest. These Quests will unlock the Megaquarium, Dolphin Pool and Creampuff Factory but if you want to get your hands on the other special promotional building for SimCity Social this week then it is afraid that you can only do it by claiming it as a Freebie.

Businesses / Factories

Small Business -190 Simoleons - Every 11 Minutes

Creampuff Factory - 788 Materials - Every 22 Hours

Attractions / Decorations

Megaquarium - +387 Population - +5 Range (3-Stars)

Dolphin Pool - +53 Population - +5 Range

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