SimCity Social Guide: Bird’s Nest Stadium

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Here are some information about the Bird's Nest Studium in Simcity Social.

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So here's an awesome treat for all sim-tizens, finally this is your chance to own your very own "Bird's Nest Stadium" on the ongoing "Championships" even on "SimCity Social"simply by earning as much medal points as you can before the event expires. The coveted attraction will only be available at the shop when your reach 100,000 population, or buy it off by using Diamonds, but however you may get it, this is your brief guide when you already own one in your inventory. The structure could entice 490 inhabitants with AOE of 5 cells.

How it works:

Phase 1 – Building

Find the best spot for the "Bird's Nest Stadium", spend 5 energy points to kick-off the building phase, help from 5 of your friends will be needed for the staffing of the construction. You ca n ask 1 friend per 24 hours so don't have to worry if you only have just a few friends playing the game for they can't be invited as staff within 24 hour refresh duration.

Simcity Social Birds Nest Stadium

Phase 2 – Victors Pedestal

Material Requirements

  • 5 Architectural Pizzazz – earn it by visiting attractions from friends or own.
  • 18 Hard Hats – earn it by visiting factories.
  • 3 Unity – earn it by visiting friends cities' by interacting with them positively, drop rate is random.

Simcity Social Birds Nest Stadium

Phase 3 – VIP Section Box

The last phase of the construction, and you must comply the following requirements to complete it.

  • 12 Foam Fingers- can be earned by visiting attractions and landmarks.
  • 4 Safety Awards – can be collected by visiting factories.
  • 5 Unity – can be collected (though drop rate is random) by visiting friend cities while doing a positive interaction.

Simcity Social Birds Nest Stadium

A little note to consider, Unity tokens are rare ones so you really have to visit friendly cities with a higher status of relationship as "friends" this will assure you a better chance of having those elusive tokens.

So that's it, hope you can get you "Birds Nest Stadium" soon before the event expires or else you really have to inch your way to 100k population before seeing the structure available in your shops. So exploit the offerings of the current event, visit this site too for free sports tokens for you to acquire the necessary medal points to unlock the "Birds Nest Stadium" in the rewards section.



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