Simcity Social Quest Guide: Broadcast Bifft

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Biff has been concerned with nothing but success, and his latest adventure will see you helping Biff become a TV mogul through a three-part event called "Broadcast Biff." Here with a guide to completing the three section of quests in this Broadcast Biff event.

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Simcity Social Broadcast Biff Quest

Biff on the Box

Simcity Social Broadcast Biff Quest

  • Film Fly-on-the-Wall Documentary
  • Film Hilarious Workplace Accidents
  • Film Search for a Star

A Mayor-ican Idol

Simcity Social Broadcast Biff Quest

  • Film Town Hall Clown
  • Have Fury
  • Have 1 Camera

Mayor of the Same

Simcity Social Broadcast Biff Quest

  • Collect from Businesses
  • Collect from Factories
  • Collect from Mayor's House

Biff Goes Big

Simcity Social Broadcast Biff Quest

  • Build the Biff TV Building
  • Collect from the Cinema
  • Visit Neighbors 3 Times

Lofty Ambitions

  • Have a 1-Star Biff TV Building
  • Have a Modern Art Museum
  • Start 4 Attraction Jobs

Critical Need

  • Collect from a Biff TV Building
  • Have three Extras
  • Ask friends for a TV Critic

Go for the Head Shot

  • Have a 2-Star Biff TV Building
  • Start 8 Jobs
  • Film your TV Pilot

Cult Meets Cute

  • Build 5 Homes
  • Have 3 Animal Actors
  • Collect from Biff TV Building 1 Time

Biff Bows Out

  • Have a 3-Star Biff TV Building
  • Buy Diamond Encrusted Collars
  • Wrap Filming on Day of the Doggy Dead



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