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When you are first starting in SimCity Social, the numbers of building types that you can build can be quite confusing. In this guide, we will go over the basics of all these different SimCity Social buildings to help you get started in the game.

SimCity Social Building Type Overview

The SimCity Social building types can be divided into three major categories: Connector Roads, SimCity Social Simoleons generation buildings, Population Gains, Material production factories, and lastly the Residential Areas. We will go over each of the major SimCity Social building categories in the guide below.

You will be able to upgrade most of the building types in SimCity social except decorations, homes, and on map landmarks. By upgrading the building, you will typically receive +20%, +30%, and +50% for star 1, 2, and 3 upgrades respectively. The materials required typically are random drops that you can get from collecting or visiting buildings. You will also spend some SimCity Social energy to finish the upgrades. It is good practice to start upgrading your buildings to make them even more efficient at generating income and materials for your SimCity.

Roads – The connector of Everything

You must build SimCity Social roads when you want to connect the following items: Land Mark, Factories, Residential Area, Business, Utility, and Farm. The only building type in SimCity Social that does not require the building of road connector is decoration type. You can build roads pretty much everyone on the SimCity Social map with one exceptions.

When you are building bridges across water or sea area, you must form a straight connection. The SimCity Social roads cannot be making turns while on the water. Thus, you will have to plan ahead on where you want the road and bridge to land. In addition, if you already have a bridge on the water, building another bridge right next to it typically will not work. This is because the SimCity Social "thinks" that you are trying to make the bridge turn.

Another special situation for the road is that you can cross roads over railroad tracks. You can place a single road cross section on the rail road track. However, you cannot build SimCity Social roads directly overlap the entire rail road tracks.

Simoleons Income Buildings

There are two major income generation building types for your SimCity Social Simoleons. These income buildings include your Farms and Businesses. You can select the type of crops to farm and earn Simoleons, in general, the higher the collection maturity time of crops, the more money that you make. For businesses, by surrounding them with residential buildings of higher level, your SimCity Social businesses can receive income bonuses upon collection.

SimCity Social Homes

The SimCity Social Houses are a little different compared to the other social facebook games that you have played. The buildings themselves do not house specific number of SimCity social populations. You will have to build population decorations and landmarks next to your houses to boost the decoration. Depending on the size and numbers of population that the houses have, they will automatically upgrade to a higher level.

Factories of SimCity Social

The factories in SimCity Social will create materials for you. Each of the factories has a pollution ranking. When you collect from a high pollution ranking Factories, the factories will form a smog which eventually will pass on to the rest of your residential buildings. You will then need to spend one energy to clear them. However, it is still better to collect from high material generation buildings from an energy conservation point of view. However, you should save a SimCity Social waterfront location specifically for factories collection.

Population Limit Increase Buildings

SimCity Social has quite a bit of buildings that can increase the population of nearby houses. These construction buildings include: Decorations, Land marks, Attractions, and Friend and Foe Buildings. In addition, there are natural buildings on the maps that you can convert into attractions. For example, one of the great attraction early on in the game is the pyramid which gives 200 population at 3 radius. Land becomes increasing valuable at later stage in the game, thus you should also save up your SimCity Social Simoleons for higher level items.

You can also upgrade the various attractions to bring more populations plus the effective SimCity Social population radius.

SimCity Social Facilities Type

As you progress through the game with increased population and houses, you will need to start building utilities buildings. The utilities buildings include Fire Station, Police Station, and Hospital. Without the facilities building, your houses and businesses will either burn down or get robbed. When the houses become dysfunctional, they will lose the bonuses that they give to the nearby buildings. You will have to spend one SimCity Social energy to repair the buildings.



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