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The guide will tell you some information about Simcity Social Championships, and the events are listed here.

By Stephen From Simcity Social Blog

With just over a week left in the SimCity Social Championships, there's no time to waste. Grab your tokens and head to the Championships to compete in some of the strangest events known to Facebook. Here's a list of Championships, tips on how to win, and a list of free token links.

SimCity Social Championships Event List

There are nine events in the SimCity Social Championships. Each of the events require three different types of tokens. The later heats require more of each token, but each event always uses the same three types of tokens.

Here are the events you will be competing in:

Simcity Social BreakdancingBreakdancing

Tokens Required: Stamina, Speed, Strength

Simcity Social Cake 
DecoratingCake Decorating

Tokens Required: Stamina, Speed, Skill

Simcity Social Offroad 
UnicyclingOffroad Unicycling

(This event was actually misspelled in the game as "uniciycling." No joke.)
Tokens Required: Stamina, Strength, Skill

Simcity Social Marathon 
Toilet QueuinggMarathon Toilet Queuing

Tokens Required: Stamina, Strength, Spirit

Simcity Social Freestyle 
NinjitsuFreestyle Ninjitsu

Tokens Required: Stamina, Speed, Spirit

Simcity Social Synchronized 
LoiteringSynchronized Loitering

Tokens Required: Stamina, Skill, Spirit

Simcity Social Chainsaw 
JugglingChainsaw Juggling

Tokens Required: Speed, Skill, Spirit

Simcity Social Full-Contact 
GolfFull-Contact Golf

Tokens Required: Speed, Strength, Skill

Simcity Social Sack 
RacingSack Racing

Tokens Required: Speed, Strength, Spirit

How to Win SimCity Championships

To win in the SimCity Social Championships, you have to collect more points than your neighboring cities. To collect points, you must when heats of the various events. You don't have to put up all the tokens that the heat asks for, but the more tokens you put into it, the higher your odds of getting a gold, silver, or bronze, respectively.



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