Simcity Social Guide: Concert Hall

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This quick guide can help you know how to build or update Concert Hall in Simcity Social.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

Although there hasn't been a new set of Quests added to SimCity Social today, it comes in the form of a Concert Hall Attraction and just like the Movie Studio from the Halloween Theme it's available to everyone for Free, the only thing you have do to is collect some special Ingredients from your friends and Neighbours and it's all yours.

Simcity Social Concert Hall

You will need 15x Metronome, 10x Sheet Music and 8x Baton in order to unlock the Concert Hall. The only way to obtain these new Ingredients is to ask your friends for them. Once collected you are ready to start building and upgrading it. You can find the full Ingredients and 3-Star building Guide to upgrade the Concert Hall below:

Name: Concert Hall
Theme: Animal Friends
Price: Free
Neighbours Needed: 0
Population: +385 (3-Stars)
Range: +5 (3-Stars)


Ingredients: 15x Metronome, 10x Sheet Music, 8x Baton
Energy: 8


Ingredients: 12x Ticket Stub, 4x Teamwork, 4x Goodwill, 4x Fury
Energy: 10
Simoleons: 80,000
Materials: 20,000


Ingredients: 12x Foam Finger, 5x Harmony, 5x Rage, 3x Creativity, 2x Expression
Energy: 15
Simoleons: 106,800
Materials: 26,700


Ingredients: 5x Souvenir, 2x Architectural Pizzazz, 2x Bliss, 2x Wrath, 3x Expression
Energy: 20
Simoleons: 160,000
Materials: 40,000

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