Simcity Social Quest Guide: Cool Yule

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A brand new three-part event has given us even more. It's time for the grand Winter Ball in your city, and Felicity is here to help you arrange it. Here with a complete guide to finishing all of the quests.

Simcity Social Cool Yule Quest

Part I

Felicity Navidad

  • Visit a Neighbor
  • Have a Goodwill
  • Swipe 1 Baubles

Chilly Billy

  • Visit Santa
  • Collect from the Ski Rental
  • Take Billy to the Baby Slopes

Stocking Up

  • Build Santa's Workshop
  • Collect Stockings
  • Collect from the Holiday Decoration Factory 2 Times

Part II

Tree to Get Ready

  • Collect 1,000 Materials for Santa's Workshop
  • Deck Out a Giant Holiday Tree
  • Clean Abe's Costume

Sound Mind, Elfy Body

  • Have a 3-Star Elf Academy
  • Collect from the 3-Star Elf Academy
  • Have Consultants

Santa's Grotto

  • Have a 1-Star Santa's Workshop
  • Produce 2,500 Materials in Santa's Workshop
  • Build the "Meet Santa" Decoration

Stand-In Santa

  • Have Nice Collectibles
  • Have a Stamp
  • Work 10 Shifts as Santa

Part III

Tree's Company

  • Have a 3-Star Holiday Decoration Factory
  • Have 5 Holiday Trees
  • Collect form the Holiday Decoration Factory

Figgy Pudding or Bust!

  • Have a Holiday Promenade
  • Have Carol Singers
  • Sing Holiday Songs 3 Times

Humbuggin' Out

  • Have Naughty Collectibles
  • Steal 3 Gifts

Sleigh Bells

  • Have a 3-Star Santa's Workshop
  • Train Reindeer Pilots 3 Times
  • Ask friends for 3 Elf Crash Helmets



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