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The SimCity Social diamond is the real money in game currency. The smart usage of SimCity Social diamonds can help you advance faster in SimCity Social. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about gaining your diamonds. In addition, we will discuss what we think is the best use of your hard earned money when converted into diamonds. Use these pointers to help you spend your money wisely to get the most benefit and profit in SimCity Social.

How to Get Diamonds in SimCity Social

At this point in time in SimCity Social open beta, there are two ways at which you can get the diamonds. You will earn some starting diamonds when you level up to level 10, or you can simply take out your credit card to purchase the diamonds. We suspect EA to release offers which give users free diamonds in the future.

Obtaining Diamonds Via Level Up: You will earn a total of 33 diamonds when you level up to level 10 without using them. Because the amount is not that great, you should avoid using your diamonds at all cost if you plan on spending no money in SimCity Social .

Credit Card for SimCity Social Diamond: You can purchase diamonds for varying amount of money. In general, the more money that you spend, the better the money to diamond ratio that you can get. However, like most of the other facebook online games, we expect diamonds to have special sales as time goes on.

Places to Spend Your Diamonds

The game is filled with places on how you can spend your diamond in SimCity Social. In this section, we will touch upon all of the places where you will be tempted to spend money in the game.

Speed Up: With any of the collectible SimCity Social buildings in game, you will be able to reduce your collection waiting time to instant.
Friends Hire: A couple of the buildings in the game requires you to staff your Facebook friends, these mainly include Facilities buildings and land marks. In addition, you may receive quests or quest items that you will have to request the help. You can also spend SimCity Social diamonds to bypass this requirement.
Expansion: To expand and advance in SimCity Social, you have to fulfill population requirement as well as paying SimCity Social simoleons and land permit. However, you can use diamonds to instantly obtain the expansion. It should be noted that the cost of expansions increase with every additional expansion that you do.
Energy: Energy is a biggie in SimCity Social, with some many things to do and collect in game. You are bound to run out of energy. You will be tempted to spend your diamonds on the energy items.
Various Shop Items: You will be presented with various building types that offer superior collection ratios. Many of which you will have to spend diamonds for purchase in SimCity Social .

Best Way to Spend SimCity Social Diamond

If you are willing to spend real life money into the SimCity Social , we think the top three ways to spend your diamond is as followed:

Expansion > Friend Hire > Special On Sale Items

The reason is that as land becomes more expensive and costly in game, you will need more land permits which can quickly stop your SimCity growth. By spending your diamonds to expand quickly, you can advance in levels faster and obtain more waterfront area to hyperboost your growth.

For the friends hire is the same concept, there are many quests in the game which requires you to build attractions which ask for friends staffing. Your diamonds should be spent on friends factor especially when there are limits to how many requests that you can do.

Lastly, the special on sale situations really depends on the quality and quantity of the diamond sale. You want to get the most bang out of your diamonds just like you are shopping for real life items. You will have to use your best judgement and needs to figure out what kind of SimCity Social diamond sale that you want. In general, the level up sales are decent when they are selling diamond only items with high SimCity Social population bonuses and radius.



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