Simcity Social Guide: Double Helix Attraction

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This quick guide will help you a lot about Double Helix in Simcity Social.

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

Name: Double Helix
Theme: Back From The Future
Price: Free by working through the Molecular Monolith Quest
Neighbours Needed: 0
Population: +378 (3-Stars)
Range: +5 (3-Stars)

Simcity Social Double Helix Attraction


Ingredients: 3x X-Ray, 2x Teamwork, 2x Goodwill, 2x Fury, 5x Robot Worker
Energy: N/A
Materials: N/A
Simoleons: N/A


Ingredients: 3x Trust, 3x Harmony, 3x Rage, 5x Consultant, 5x Robot Worker
Energy: 16
Materials: 17,600
Simoleons: 70,080


Ingredients: 6x Foam Finger, 6x Teamwork, 6x Goodwill, 6x Fury, 6x Groundskeeper
Energy: 16
Materials: 23,360
Simoleons: 93,440


Ingredients: 8x X-Ray, 4x Unity, 4x Bliss, 4x Wrath, 8x Robot Worker
Energy: 18
Materials: 35,100
Simoleons: 140,040

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