Simcity Social Guide: Dunkin' Donuts Shop

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This quick guide will help you a lot about Dunkin' Donuts Shop in Simcity Social.

By Admin Tel From Simcity Social Fansite

This week there have not only been given Back From The Future Quests but also a special promotional Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Quest that can not only help you obtain a special Giant Dunkin' Coffee Cup decoration that will boost your Population by +88 over a +2 Range but also gives you the opportunity to own and build a Dunkin' Donuts Shop.

Simcity Social Dunkin' Donuts Shop

The Dunkin' Donuts Shop produces 2200 Simoleons every 24 hours in its basic form and when upgraded to 3-Stars can earn you 3300 Simoleons with its 50% production boost plus any residential boost you can allocate it with surrounding houses so it's very worth trying to achieve.

The huge Simoleons profit is not the only thing that goes in the favour of the new Dunkin' Donuts Shop as it will also drop rare Ingredients such as Safety Awards, Architectural Pizzazz, Salt Of The Earth, TPS Reports, BBQs, Bliss, Unity and Wrath when collecting from it. You can find the full Dunkin' Donuts upgrade guide below:


Ingredients: N/A
Energy: 3x Energy
Materials: N/A
Simoleons: N/A


Ingredients: 5x Business Card, 3x Community, 2x Teamwork, 1x Trust
Energy: 6x Energy
Materials: 9420
Simoleons: N/A


Ingredients: 8x Cash Register, 4x Bushel Of Food, 2x Salt Of The Earth, 1x Unity
Energy: 8x Energy
Materials: 18,800
Simoleons: N/A


Ingredients: 5x Police Badge, 3x Bliss, 3x Lunchbox, 3x BBQ, 2x Farm Hand
Energy: 10x Energy
Materials: 47,000
Simoleons: N/A

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