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The guide will tell you some information about the latest quest in Simcity Social.

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The real world games is about to end soon, but sooner than expected the games in "SimCity Social" is finally closing to an end, as of writing we barely have 7 more 6 more days to go before the final heat of the game ends. For the finale of the "Championships" quest arc, players are enticed to do a few more hurdles before getting a reward which is the "Swim Stadium" (stats is not yet available).

Tasks 1: Make Me A Mascot Quest

As the title suggests', you will try to make one mascot for the game but you don't need to do so literally. Just follow the task and you will complete this part in a jiffy.

Simcity Social End Game

  • Ask friends for a mascot design – click this link and you will post the request directly to your all just ask friends to click to make sure you will complete this part just on time.
  • Guffaw at mascots in friends cities – visit your friends city, and visit their "mayors abode" one of the option there is connected to the present task click it , you'll have to visit 6 different friends for this.

Tasks 2: Plushy Rush Quest

Still stuck with the mascot design, this time you will visit your own "mayor's house" to initially complete this task.

Simcity Social End Game

  • Chose a mascot design – just visit your own "mayor's house" or your friends' for 3 times.
  • Collect from a 3 Star Factory – do these 5 times.
  • Have 16 training facilities – build more training facilities if you still haven't got enough for the quest requirement.

Tasks 3: Tickle Me Merkin Quest

The final stage of the final quest for the event braces yourself to receive the "Swim Stadium" as the final reward.

Simcity Social End Game

  • Upgrade the Sim City (the one you got from the event previously) – upgrade this unit to level 1 Star.
  • Collect from 10 businesses.

There you have, the last final heat of the "Championship Quest Arch". Hope this article will help you that much. Share and enjoy the game.



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