SimCity Social Guide: Using Your Fame For Quick Simoleons

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This quick guide will help you a lot about Quick Simoleons in Simcity Social.

From Simcity Social Guide

Running out of Simoleons for an upgrade requirement? Can exchange materials for Simoleons due to a very low exchange ratio? Worry not for there is an easier indirect way in earning extra Simoleons in "SimCity Social" although this may need some compromise on your part but in the end it will be more rewarding that losing.

SimCity Social Quick Simoleons

Here's the pitch, every time you pay a visit to a neighboring city (make it friend or foe) we earn "fame" thus accumulated it will cap to 5000 "Fame" after hitting the threshold, earning it will come to a halt. Now if you have built the most sought after units which can only be bought by fame in the shop and you have no other plan of using those accumulated fame, why not indirectly use it to earn as much as Simoleons as you can get. By simply buying any unit with "fame" and then demolish that you unit in exchange for smackers! Sweet deal isn't? What is more awesome in this scheme is that you can still earn fame and replenish it and do the same routine again for another round of extra Simoleons.

And to save you from trying all the items which can be demolished for extra Simoleons, here are the units which will let you earn those extra Simoleons.

Handbag Factory: 600 Fame for 28,000 simoleons (§46.67/fame) <– best deal!

Mocktail Bar: 160 Fame for 6,600 simoleons (§41.25/fame)

Chemical Plant: 65 Fame for 2,400 simoleons (§36.92/fame)

Observatory: 750 Fame for 25,600 simoleons (§34.13/fame)

Boutiques: 500 Fame for 17,000 simoleons (§34.00/fame)

Spa: 720 Fame for 20,000 simoleons (§27.78/fame)

Convenience Store: 80 Fame for 2,000 simoleons (§25.00/fame)

Computer Factory: 200 Fame for 4,500 simoleons (§22.50/fame)

Tree of Friendship / Turbine of Evil: 30 Fame for 560 simoleons (§18.67/fame)

Gaia's Garden / Fortress of Ultimate Woe: 2,500 Fame for 40,000 simoleons (§16.00/fame)

Stagnant Pool: 760 Fame for 10,400 simoleons (§13.68/fame)

Guard Tower: 120 Fame for 1,600 simoleons (§13.33/fame)

Unicorn Ranch: 750 Fame for 10,000 simoleons (§13.33/fame)

BFF Rainbow: 150 Fame for 2,000 simoleons (§13.33/fame)

Altar of Fire: 520 Fame for 5,600 simoleons (§10.77/fame)

Haunted House: 400 Fame for 4,000 simoleons (§10.00/fame)

Mind Control Emitter: 330 Fame for 3,200 simoleons (§9.70/fame)

Heart Air Balloon: 320 Fame for 3,000 simoleons (§9.38/fame)

Fist of Oppression: 280 Fame for 2,400 simoleons (§8.57/fame)

Requires help on the following:

Mayor Monument: 820 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Ministry of Oppression: 600 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

The Cloud Wheel: 540 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Marble Fountain: 480 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Lingerie Factory: 450 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Rainbow Garden: 450 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Propaganda Billboard: 450 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Temple of Friendship: 400 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Swan Lake: 360 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

Flame of Eternal Friendship: 120 Fame for simoleons (§.00/fame)

So that's it, pass this info on and may we all earn extra Simoleons! Enjoy the game!



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