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The "Game Time" quest has released in Simcity Social, let us know it in detail!.

From Simcity Social Cheats

So in the continuation of the Olympics themed quests on "SimCity Social" here is your quest guid for the "Game Time" quest arch which will give award you Spirit collectibles and some other freebies too along the way.

Wining the Game!

  • Compete in the Breakdance event
  • Train Three Times
  • To compete into the event, just click the Olympic Torch icon and look for the "Breakdance" event and compete for it, you may have to gather some games collectible first for every event requires Spirit, Skill, Stamina, Strength,Speed respectively.
  • To Train just collect games collectibles in you games venue.

Tough Enough!

  • Compete in the Sack Racing Competition.
  • articipate in the events.
  • Train 5 times.
  • Again click the torch icon, look for the event and join.
  • Participate in other events as well.
  • Collect game collectibles from game venues 5 times.

The Heat is On!

  • Participate in the 2nd heat of the Sack Racing Event.
  • Complete all the second heat of all the events.
  • Train 20 times.
  • Compete for the second time in the sack race event
  • Complete the second heat of all remaining events by competing on it.
  • Collect from you game venues 20 times to train.

Race for the Win!

  • Just compete any event and earn 5 gold medals

Final Heat!

  • Compete in the Unicycling event.
  • Collect 10 Strength.
  • Ask for refreshing water.
  • Compete in the Unicycling event and earn 3 gold medals
  • Collect 10 Strength in you game venues (drop rate is in random).
  • Post your request in your wall for the refreshing water.

After completing all the tasks you will earn 10 Spirit and some exp and Simoleons along the way, not to mention extra bonuses such as other game venue when you earn points in the games as well. Like 12 Diamonds when you reach 300 points, 100 Diamonds when you reach 2, 500 or 500 Diamonds when you hit 5000 medal points that you have earned. So game on and enjoy!



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