SimCity Social Guide: Level Up and Advance

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Like most of the social games, to truly excel in SimCity Social, you will have to follow some basic rules of thumb to level up, expand, and advance through quests fast. In this guide, we will touch base with all the methods and tips that you can implement to level up fast. We will also include links to our specific guides which give out more detailed information about each of these methods.

Leveling up in SimCity Social will increase your maximum amount of energy as well as giving you some SimCity Social Simoleons.

Complete SimCity Social Quests

The SimCity Social quests will give you the best EXP gain for your energy usage. Whenever possible, you should always use your energy to complete the different quests that you have available. By completing quests whenever possible, you will be able to level up fast in the game. In addition, you should either focus on Friend or Foe kind of actions when interacting with their Cities. By going extremely into one side of the relationship status, you will earn additional SimCity Social friend or foe bonuses.

Using Neighbor's City for Quest Actions

To complete SimCity Social quests, you can sometimes conduct the actions at your friend's Cities. By doing so, you will be able to level up faster at your own City because you do not use the energy.

Gather Friends and Gift Land Permits

Land permits will be one of the limiting factor for your SimCity Social game play. Early on in the game, if you do not plan to spend any real money on the game, you should try to get as many as Facebook SimCity Social friends as possible. Gift one another land permits to be able to expand as fast as possible is the best way to breeze through SimCity Social contents.

Friends Hires

Quite a number of SimCity Social buildings such as land marks and utility buildings require the hiring of friends. In this case, your facebook friends will come in handy. Invite as many active players into the game to help staff your buildings. There are many SimCity Social quests that require you to ask your friends to staff and complete your buildings.

Utilize Waterfront Bonuses and Planning

Use SimCity Social Waterfront boosts well to increase your population at a dramatic rate. With fully waterfronted property and well planned decorations and attractions, you can level up and unlock more buildings fast. You should place most if not all of your residential buildings near the Waterfronts to grow your City population.

Energy Considerations

If you want to level up fast in the game, the ability to get as much energy as possible is key. You also want to be able to use most of your energy before your energy bar hits the cap. This means that you should play often, gift with your SimCity Social friends, and even pay money for energy if necessary. By getting energy through all the means possible allowed, you can level up faster in SimCity Social by fully using your energy potential.

Land Use and Planning

Although this does not directly relate to whether or not you can advance fast, however by fully utilizing your land without wasting spaces on roads, you will be able to make the most out of your land. In SimCity Social, consider your land use as gold. Every land area can generate more Simoleons money as well as materials. Make the most out of every inches of land that you have is key to advancing fast.

Building Upgrades to Advance Faster

This strategy comes into play in the idea of making your land use more efficient. However, you should avoid upgrading your early stage buildings unless quests request you to do so. Start upgrading the SimCity Social businesses when you have spare energy, and upgrade the Landmark type buildings as soon as you can. By upgrading your businesses and land marks, you can advance and build further by making your existing buildings produce more per energy.

Maximize Simoleons Earning per Energy

You want to have all the money possible if you want to advance fast in SimCity Social. Optimize how you earn SimCity Social Simoleons money will be key to beat your friends at building your City. Some methods include building businesses next to your residential zones, building and choosing higher maturity farms, and simply just play more. We have written a more detailed SimCity Social Simoleons earning strategy guide if you want to learn more about making more money.



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