SimCity Social New Player Population Guidelines

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Population is the key to unlock more items in your SimCity Social game. In this SimCity Social population guide, we will go over the basic concepts that you will have to consider when designing your perfect City.

Types of Buildings for Population Gain

By default in SimCity Social, you do not have different types of residential buildings for your City's population. Instead, you will build various population decoration or boosters to increase your City's population. The SimCity Social building types that you can construct include: Decorations, Attractions, Landmarks, and Friend & Foe. By using some or all of these buildings, you will be able to increase the overall population of your City.

Population SimCity Social Investment

To increase your population, you will have to invest your SimCity Social Simoleons. However, this investment is necessary if you want to advance further and unlock more building types. When you are deciding whether or not to invest into attraction or decoration, take into consideration of your Energy use as well. For attractions to truly outshine decoration, you will have to invest quite a bit of energy into collecting special materials as well as energy to upgrade. Thus, you should find a balance with a healthy mix of decoration and attractions to increase your population fast.

If you only focus on either SimCity Social attraction or decoration for population gain, you will find that your growth be hindered due to the lack of Simoleons money and/or Energy.

Upgrade Attractions for More Population Increase

If you are building attractions for population, you should try to upgrade them to max level as fast as possible. High level attractions offer great population gain with additional radius. This can benefit more of your SimCity Social residential areas. Higher level attractions typically require items requested through random actions in those attractions, as well as some material resources via friend's request.

Radius Consideration

When you are deciding which type of population building to construct, take into consideration the radius of population that they offer you. The higher the radius, the more buildings that the investment is more worthwhile. Typically speaking, the higher the radius, the less population boosts that they offer. Thus you will have to make strategic planning decisions to get the most out of your population based on population number, radius, and finally the cost in Simoleons money and energy for upgrading.

Population Cap

At the time of writing, we have not reached a population cap on the number of citizens that your housing zones can hold. This is because that we do not have high level attractions set in place yet. However, we suspect that the population cap is set to be pretty high that it will be hard to achieve in SimCity Social.



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