Simcity Social Guide: Police Station Items & Collectibles

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In the game Simcity Social, there are many kinds of Items & Collectibles. This guide will tell you one kind of them - Police Badge Items & Collectibles.

By Aeronl From GamesDreams

In SimCity Social, you need to have various collectibles to upgrade your buildings like Businesses, Factories, Farms, Facilities and Attractions. You can get items and collectibles besides simoleons and materials by interacting with your buildings. Below is the list of Business collectibles and items you can get in the SimCity Social game on Facebook.

Police Badge

How to get Police Badge in SimCity Social?

  • Interact with your Facilities to get Police Badge (Example: Police Station).
  • Ask your friend to send you a Police Badge.

Additional information about SimCity Social Police Badge:

  • Item type: Collectibles
  • Maximum storage capacity: 10

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