Simcity Social Guide: Power Plants & New Mystery Box

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A new set of Mystery Boxes which gives players the chance to own one of four very brand new Rare and Ultra Rare Power Plants has released in Simcity Social, and you can try it for fun.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

Alongside the new great Secrets Of Atlantis Theme that has just dropped into SimCity Social today you have the privilege of a new set of Mystery Boxes which gives players the chance to own one of four very brand new Rare and Ultra Rare Power Plants.

Simcity Social Power Plants & New Mystery Box

Power Plants are buildings that produce Energy in the same way Businesses produce Simoleons and Factories produce Materials. With your ever expanding Cities and the more buildings being released every theme Energy is something you need more than ever. Unfortunately the only way to gain these Power Plants at the minute is to either purchase them for between 119 and 229 Diamonds or take a gamble via the new Power Mystery Boxes.

What is new with the Power Mystery Boxes that the other previous ones didn't have is the option of a Grand Prize that comes in the form of the Alien Power Relic. This can be obtained by collecting 999 Tokens. Tokens are awarded in random quantities for purchasing and opening a new Power Mystery Box. The other Power Plants available are the polluting Coal Power Plant, Gas Power Plant and the non polluting Wind Turbine and Nuclear Plant. All of which can be upgraded to 3-Stars using Energy, Simoleons and Materials!

The Power Mystery Boxes work in the same way as the previous collections and cost 15 Diamonds for 1 attempt, 75 Diamonds for 6 attempts or 150 Diamonds for 13 attempts. Once you've purchased your package from the small 'Limited Time Only' blue truck icon towards the right hand side of your SimCity Social game screen you will have to hit the big orange button to start the random gift generator.

Just like the previous UFO Mystery Boxes and Air Mystery Boxes you'd like to make you aware that your chances of achieving one of the these four special buildings is indeed very rare as the random generator seems to have all of the premium Diamond items and buildings in the mix. So you could receive any premium Diamond building that has previously been released into SimCity Social instead, plus duplicates, so beware!

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