SimCity Social Guide: How to (Re)Name Your SimCity

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Have you felt tired of your simcity name when you played Simcity Social? Now here is a means can help you.

By Stephen From SimCity Social Blog

Mayors in SimCity Social are almost omnipotent. You can do almost anything you want — including naming (or renaming) your SimCity. And it's not even hard to do. You just have to know how. So, here's how to (re)name your SimCity in SimCity Social.

Name Your SimCity with Kristy Brown

Town Planning Advisor Kristy Brown is the first person you meet when playing SimCity Social. She shows you all the ropes when it comes to being a sim mayor, and it is in your introductory walkthrough with her that you first name your SimCity.

Rename Your Simcity

After you click the "okay" button, you are taken to a sign where you can name your SimCity whatever you'd like to.

Rename Your Simcity

How to Rename your SimCity

Sometimes you just get tired of the name you picked at first. Or maybe you were up too late and punch drunk typed your SimCity's name in, just to realize the next morning that you spelled it wrong.

Don't worry. It's super easy to fix. Just click on the name of your SimCity in the top, center portion of the SimCity Social screen. It looks like this:

Rename Your Simcity

When you click it, the big sign that popped up the first time you named your city will reappear, and you can change the name. Click "okay" and you're done.

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