SimCity Social Simoleons Income Strategy Guide

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Simoleons are the most important currency in SimCity Social. The ability to earn and generate more SimCity Social Simoleons will determine whether or not you can afford the rest of your buildings in the game. This guide will go over everything that you need to know about making and earning more Simoleons money in SimCity Social.

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SimCity Social Quests

At the beginning of the game, the best way for you to earn starting SimCity social Simoleons funds is through completing of the quests. By fulfilling the in game quests, you will quickly learn how to play the game. In addition, the quests offer the best energy to money ratio at the beginning of the game. Whenever possible, use your SimCity Social on quests to earn the most Simoleons.

Energy Perspective of Businesses Collection

The Businesses are the defacto Simoleon income generator for you, they will be the main way of generating income for your SimCity Social at later stages. The rule of thumb is that you should build as high level as possible of businesses. Focus on the ones that give you more SimCity Social Simoleons per energy is the way to go. Because Energy is and will become the main limiting factor of you making more Simoleons.

Business Upgrades for Additional Simoleons

You can upgrade the different businesses by investing materials and sometimes collectibles. These upgrades are good investments for you to increase the amount of Simoleons that you can earn in the future. Focus on upgrading later buildings to get the most out of your SimCity Social energy usage. Upgrade the businesses that offer you the best money gain of your energy first, unless the quests specifically requests you to upgrade the lower level businesses.

Additional Simoleons Collection from Business – House Relationship

By placing the business locations next to your SimCity Social houses, the businesses will earn additional collection bonus when the business matures. The bonus increases when they are placed to higher level residential houses, thus, place your highest profit business next to high level residential zones will generate the best income of SimCity Social Simoleons. You will have to utilize smart planning and location strategies to make the most money. Play around with a few different location settings to earn the most money possible in SimCity Social.

Farming in SimCity Social for Simoleons

Farming is by far the best way to generate income based on the amount of energy spent, however to fully utilize the money making potential of your SimCity Social money farms. You should build a few farms and select the highest money making crop to conserve your energy for other buildings and upgrades. At the beginning of the game, you could invest some money into your basic vegetable farm and get all of your SimCity Social Simoleons money investment back within 1 day for a few energy use only.

Level Up Rewards

When you level up in SimCity Social, you will earn various rewards such as SimCity Social Simuleon and materials. Because quests are also the best way for you to level in in SimCity Social. By focusing your energy usage on quests, you will earn plenty of Simoleons at the beginning of the game. To be able to earn lots of Simoleons early on in SimCity Social, you have to level up fast in the game to obtain all the rewards possible.

Train Delivery and Collections

Whenever you can, you should always set your SimCity Social train in motion to deliver out to your fellow Facebook friends. The train delivery will earn you a great amount of Simoleons as well as collection items at a relative low energy cost. Thus, always send out your SimCity Social trains whenever you play to earn more additional money in Simoleons.

SimCity Social Neighbor Visits and Actions

SimCity Social neighbor visits can earn quite a bit of Simoleons in the game. By visiting all of your neighbors and doing social actions, you can earn Simoleons for every action. It appears that all of the options and actions give the same amount of Simoleons. Thus, your best bet is to visit all of your SimCity Social friends and conduct all the actions as fast as possible. By visiting and collecting rewards fast, you save your time to earn SimCity Social Simoleons faster. In addition, the more that you visit a certain neighbors and conduct friend or foe actions, you can level up the relationship and obtain even more action energy as well as bonus collectible drop rates.

Random Building Collection Actions

You can collect little bits of Simoleons for every optional actions that you do with your businesses, houses, factories, attractions, and even your mayor's house. The Simoleons that you can gain for these actions are pretty much the same. This means that you should avoid doing random actions unless quests ask to do so. Another time when you should be doing random actions at all is when you are trying to upgrade your buildings or attractions. However, you should conduct those random actions at your Neighbor's Cities to conserve your own energy for your own SimCity Social quests.



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