Simcity Social Guide: Where to Spend Vision

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This quick guide will help about the quests called Secrets Of Atlantis, and these five building below are all require Vision.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

During part four of the Secrets Of Atlantis Quest you will need to earn five new Vision Ingredients which can only be obtained via sending your Students to work via Businesses in your SimCity and not be gathered by requesting them from friends and Neighbours.

Simcity Social  Spend Vision

The problem many players face is that they have a backpack full of Vision and any additional Vision is sometimes not being logged or counted by the game, if this affects you then you'll need to spend some in order to gather more and for them to be counted towards your five total.

Some of the buildings that require Vision for upgrades are listed below, if you click on them you will be directed to the full 3-Star Guide for each of these buildings:

Book Store
Business Park
The Synermin Group
Movie Studio

Hope this helps you with completing the Secrets Of Atlantis Quest.

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