SimCity Social Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Build Sydney Opera

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This quick guide will help you a lot about Sydney Opera in Simcity Social.

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One of the best notable landmarks in the land down under is Sydney Opera house, the iconic edifice is the symbol of Australia's love of the arts and it is the symbol of Sydney. The structure was built in 1977, yet still it is one of the most futuristic designed buildings around.

And for all virtual mayors of "SimCity Social" you will a chance to own your virtual version of this magnificent structure either by buying it through the shop or complete the Alien Arch quest to own one. And for those who have acquired the latter this is your brief guide to erect that awesome structure. By the way, this unit will alleviate your cities with 415 populations in a 5 cell radius.

Simcity Social Sydney Opera

Phase 1

Spend 5 energy and select the best spot to build the opera house, you will need help from your friends in order to start the construction, you have numerously request same friends all though out but you still need to wait 24 hours interval before requesting them again.

Phase 2

The structure at this point is starting to have form, thus it will be the first time that you wil be collecting some materials to complete this part of the task.

Item requirements; 14 Ticket Stubs, 5 Souvenirs – either request if from friends or collect them randomly by visiting your own attractions and 4 Teamwork – which can be updated or collected by doing actions in your partner cities.

Simcity Social Sydney Opera

Phase 3

Almost there, the structure is near completion we will still need to collect more items to complete this phase.

Item requirements; 3 Architectural Pizzazz, 19 Hard Hats – which can be requested from friends or visit attractions for a random drop of the Pizzazz and factories for the hats, 5 Trusts – can be earned by doing some positive action in your neighboring cities.

Simcity Social Sydney Opera

Phase 4

This will be the concluding phase after which you can already hear the fat lady singing on the center stage of your very own Sydney Opera House.

Item requirements; 8 Foam Fingers – can be requested from friends or collected by visiting your attraction sites, 3 Safety Award – can be collected by visiting your factories.

Simcity Social Sydney Opera

Hope this quick guide helps, for more of your guides browse our blog pots and see things that would greatly help you in the game.



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