SimCity Social Quest Guide: The Fabulous Baker Boy

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Players can also complete a set of quests called "The Fabulous Baker Boy" in SimCity Social,  which will reward them with a Creampuff Factory if they manage to finish these quests off in time. Here with a look at how to finish them.

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By Brandy Shaul From

Lions and Tigers and Bears

  • Perfect Biff's Cookies 3 Times
  • Have Innovation
  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Bakeries
  • Reward: 2 XP, 3 Business Savvy

Me Want Cookie

  • Build an Animal Cookie Factory
  • Collect 3 Dog Houses
  • Collect an Animal Mascot

Mini Mogul

  • Find 3 Buyers for Biff's Cookies
  • Perform 5 Taste Tests
  • Collect 1 Entrepreneurship

A Byte of Cookie

  • Have a Computer Factory
  • Prepare a Business Proposal
  • Present to 3 Businesses

Cookie Dough

  • Earn 250 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory
  • Build a Hippo Pond
  • Have 5 Cowbells

A Fresh Batch

  • Have a 1-Star Animal Cookie Factory
  • Build a Panda Park
  • Earn 300 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory

Simcity Social The Fabulous Baker Boy

Biff Blows his Bonus

  • Collect from Banks 5 Times
  • Build the Biff Wing
  • Collect 10 Ribbon Prizes

Abe's Angst

  • Earn 1 Creativity
  • Earn 1 Big Idea
  • Have a Unicorn Ranch



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