Simcity Social Guide: How To Obtain The New Animal Friend Ingredients

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Animal Friends Theme has launched in Simcity Social, and this quick guide will help know how to own them yourself.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

Another Theme arrives in SimCity Social and with it comes a brand new set of Ingredients to obtain and use towards completing Quests and upgrading buildings. There are five in total this week and all of which are pretty easy to collect and can all be requested from friends.

Simcity Social The New Animal Friend Ingredients

Below is a list of all the new Ingredients that have been added to SimCity Social this week for the Animal Friends Theme and details on how they can all be obtained:

  • Dog House - Ask friends or interact with Homes
  • Animal Mascot - Ask friends or interact with Attractions
  • Ribbon Prize - Ask friends or interact with Businesses
  • Kibbles - Ask friends or interact with Factories
  • Cowbell - Ask friends or interact with Farms

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