SimCity Social Guides, Tips, Cheats, Tricks and More

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In order to help you find useful information with SimCity Social, we create this special: a series of guide, tips, tricks and battle videos that will help you get the most out of the game without too much hassle.

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SimCity Social New Player Population Guidelines >>

  • Types of Buildings for Population Gain
  • Population SimCity Social Investment
  • Upgrade Attractions for More Population Increase
  • Radius Consideration
  • Population Cap


SimCity Social Guide: Building Type >>

  • SimCity Social Building Type Overview
  • Roads – The connector of Everything
  • Simoleons Income Buildings
  • SimCity Social Homes
  • Factories of SimCity Social
  • Population Limit Increase Buildings
  • SimCity Social Facilities Type


SimCity Social Guide: Level Up and Advance >>

  • Complete SimCity Social Quests
  • Using Neighbor's City for Quest Actions
  • Gather Friends and Gift Land Permits
  • Friends Hires
  • Utilize Waterfront Bonuses and Planning
  • Energy Considerations
  • Land Use and Planning
  • Building Upgrades to Advance Faster
  • Maximize Simoleons Earning per Energy


SimCity Social Diamond Guide >>

  • How to Get Diamonds in SimCity Social
  • Places to Spend Your Diamonds
  • Best Way to Spend SimCity Social Diamond


SimCity Social Guide: Best Waterfront Building Analysis >>

  • Beginning Waterfront Thought Process
  • Residential House Area Planning
  • Balance of Business and Decorations
  • Waterfront Material Bonus Upon Collection


SimCity Social Guide: Friend or Foe System >>

  • Social System and Neighbor Visit
  • How to Achieve Friend or Foe Status
  • Daily Energy Completion Bonus
  • SimCity Social Friend or Foe Collection Bonuses


SimCity Social Simoleons Income Strategy Guide >>

  • SimCity Social Quests
  • Energy Perspective of Businesses Collection
  • Business Upgrades for Additional Simoleons
  • Additional Simoleons Collection from Business – House Relationship
  • Farming in SimCity Social for Simoleons
  • Level Up Rewards
  • Train Delivery and Collections
  • SimCity Social Neighbor Visits and Actions
  • Random Building Collection Actions


SimCity Social Cheats & Tips: Use the Train System for Cheap Materials >>

While you might initially not even notice the Train Station in SimCity Social (it's in the bottom of your original city square, in case you haven't checked), there's a great reason to send out trains early and often as you work to grow your small city: cheap Materials!


SimCity Social House Guide >>

  • Basic SimCity House Overview
  • SimCity Social House Collection
  • SimCity Social House Population and Upgrades
  • Real Friend Move-In's
  • Best SimCity House Placement Practice




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