Sorority Life Guide: Some Cheats and Tips

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Sorority Life

Live the fabulous life: fabulous fashion, fabulous friends and fabulous parties! Create the perfect look for your avatar. Hit the mall for the latest fashions. And get a job to pay off your shopping obsession. Next stop: campus' nonstop social scene. Need some R&R? Hop over to the spa or take a spring break Caribbean cruise.

These Sorority Life cheats and tips should make it a lot easier to build a strong house that wins every fight and has the best glam and rides. Check below.

Get All the Glory of Sorority Drama Right to Your Facebook

By Håvard Hegtun from

Sorority life is a Facebook or MySpace game that plays very similar to Mafia Wars, but in Sorority life you play as a sister in a college sorority house, not a street thug. Many of the strategies of the game will be the same as in Mafia Wars. Everybody wants to build a strong character that will win lots of fights, have tons of glam and level up fast. Here are some tips on leveling up your character fast, and also a few cheats that will make it that much easier to build the strongest house in Sorority Life.

First of all, to progress to the higher levels you are going to need a lot of sisters in your house, there's a few ways you can go about adding sisters in Sorority Life. First of all, you can send invites to your friends, but you will probably not get as many sisters as you would like that way. In Sorority Life you can add up to 500 sisters, you probably don;t have that many friends interested in joining your Sorority Life house.

The best way to add lots of sisters fast is to go to Spuko is a site built to let people add friends that already play Sorority Life (and many other social games), simply go to the site and sign up as interested in getting more friends that play Sorority Life, of browse the people who are already registered and add them as friends. This way you can build up your house to have 500 sisters with just a little bit of work.

To level up, the best way is to do a lot of socializing. I have found that at the lower levels, the best way to advance quickly through the levels is to do the costume party event over and over. With a little practice you should be able to get all 10 items every time, earning you cool glam and cash, but most importantly, 5 influence points for just 2 energy points. As you level up, increase the energy of your character. Don't worry about the fighting skills yet, especially not if you already have used spuko to build a massive house. Sticking with this strategy you will make level 10 in a matter of minutes.

As you reach higher levels, and have added more sisters to your house. The best event for leveling up is 'Stage a Musical Production'. This event requires at least 4 sisters in your house, and three wigs. Make sure you have these requirements! For just 6 energy points you get 30 influence points in return, making it easy to fly through the levels.


When you are doing the Costume Party event, you will be able to read the list of the ten items you need to find through the curtain before the game starts. Go over the list and memorize the things you need to find, after a few times playing the game, you will start to remember where all the different items are and you should be able to finish the event in record times, earning you some cool glam that can't be bought for money in Sorority Life.

To get as many brownie points as you want, take advantage of the free offers. It is important that you never use your real email address when completing these 'offers' as they are all just a bunch of scams to get your contact information. Set up an account with a throw away email site, like Most of the offers will also require a valid address and phone number. I like to use the yellow pages and search for DMV offices in various states.

Finally, there is a Sorority Bot that you can set to play the game for you. It will handle the fighting, and socializing for you automatically, and can really make you fly through the game. To learn how to use the bot, check out this video:


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